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What You Can Expect As Possible Treatment For ADHD

If you or a loved one has received a diagnosis of ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, you may want a better understanding of the treatment options that may be available to you. To help you better understand your options, you will want to check out the following types of treatment.


Someone who has received a diagnosis of ADHD may benefit from on-going counseling. This is so that they can learn coping skills for dealing with the hardships that may be presented to them throughout their life as a part of having this type of disorder. It is also good to have a counselor who has a lot of experience with ADHD as he or she will be able to give advice on how to get others to understand their symptoms. With that in mind, family counseling may later be suggested so everyone can have a clear understanding of the disorder and how they can help the person who has the diagnosis.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is a very specific type of therapy that can be used along side standard counseling. Instead of just talking about your feelings, with cognitive behavioral therapy, someone with ADHD will receive clear and concise instructions on how they can redirect or refocus when they are dealing with disruptive or or unhelpful thinking and behaviors. The patient will learn techniques to use at home and in the work place in order to try to keep themselves focused.


Not everyone who receives an ADHD diagnosis will be placed on medication. In fact, many people will try to manage their symptoms through counseling and behavior therapy techniques that are taught to them. However, those who find that they need some additional help may turn to the use of prescription medication. It is important to make sure that the medical professional that is prescribing such medications has a background in dealing with this type of disorder. He or she must also have the full list of any other medications that are being used in order to avoid any possible adverse reactions. Someone who has ADHD may have to try a few different medications or various doses of those medicines before finding the one that works the best for them.

With those three types of treatment in mind, you should have a much easier time figuring out which treatment route you would like to take. Someone with ADHD can make use of all three or try one at a time. To learn more about ADHD coaching and treatment, contact a company like Progressive Growth Coaching