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How Counseling Can Help You Solve The Sexual Issues In Your Marriage

Many married couples struggle with sexual issues in their marriages, and this problem can be a huge source of trouble. If left unaddressed, it can lead to arguments, anger, resentment, and even extramarital affairs. If you are tired of fighting with your spouse over sex, you should seek help from a professional counseling center soon. Here are several ways counseling may help you find a resolution for this big issue.

Help you determine the cause of the problem

In your marriage, the problem you are having probably lies with the differences each of you have with your sexual drive. One partner may have a high drive, while the other may have a low drive. In this situation, there will always be one spouse who is unhappy with the situation. This spouse may feel cheated, hurt, and confused, while the other spouse might be sick of feeling nagged about this.

The first goal of counseling is to help you both understand why the issue exists, and this typically involves determining why the spouse with the lower drive is not interested. While men and women each typically have different reasons for not being interested, here are some of the common reasons:

  • Feeling unloved or feeling a lack of respect – Women can have a hard time being interested in sex if they do not feel loved or cherished. Men may have a hard time if they do not feel respected.
  • Physical issues – Both men and women can have physical issues that either prevent them from the ability to have sex or prevent them from having a normal sex drive.
  • Porn addictions – If one spouse has a porn addiction, it can prevent him or her from being interested in sex with his or her spouse.

Talking opening and sincerely about the reasons is the only way to truly discover the problem, and the problem cannot be fixed if you do not know the cause.

Help you each discover your part

The next step is helping you both find out what your parts are for solving the issue. If either of you have a medical issue that is hindering your sex life, it must be addressed. If one spouse is not feeling loved or respected, the other will need to learn how to fill this need with his or her partner.

Sexual issues cannot be solved overnight, but they can be solved so you are both satisfied with your level of intimacy in the marriage. If you are tired of living with sexual issues like this, you should consider meeting with a counselor who specializes in sexual issues.

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