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Tips For Choosing A Teen Substance Abuse Treatment Clinic

Teen substance abuse is among the main challenges facing parents and authorities in the United States. According to statistics, about one-tenth of all the alcohol consumed in the US is consumed by teens and adolescents aged 12 to 20 years. Increased substance use among teenagers affects brain development and leads to other risky behaviors, such as dangerous driving and unprotected sex. If your teen is addicted to drugs, you should take them to a teen substance abuse treatment clinic.

When is the Right Time to Seek Treatment?

Substance use among US teens is a real problem. However, unless you are keen, you may not tell if your teenage son or daughter abuses drugs. Some of the common signs to watch include:

  • Changes in normal habits
  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Secretive behavior

If you notice any of the above signs in your teen's life, don't rush to make an accusation. Ask questions directly and give them a chance to explain what is going on. You may also take them for a drug screening, especially if they strongly deny using drugs. After confirming that your teen is abusing drugs, don't hesitate to get help.

Where Do You Get Help?

If your teen has been abusing drugs or alcohol, it can be hard to stop without support from a qualified addiction professional. So, looking for a reputable teen substance abuse treatment clinic is the first step towards a successful detox process.

Always remember that teenagers should not be taken to an adult rehab center. Substance abuse is an adult issue, but teens have emotional and psychological needs that differ from adults. Thus, you need to look for a teen substance abuse clinic that recognizes these needs for your child to get the most effective treatment.

Since there are many substance abuse treatment centers, getting the right one can be a difficult and overwhelming process.

 When choosing an addiction treatment center, it's advisable to consider the following factors:

  • Accreditation- Make sure that the teen substance abuse treatment clinic is accredited. Also, it should be certified and licensed by the relevant government agencies.
  • Staffing- Always ensure that the clinical staff in the facility are licensed and accredited. Accreditation is an indication that they possess the relevant training and experience needed to offer high-quality addiction treatment.
  • Cost- Substance abuse treatment is expensive. So, choose a clinic whose charges are reasonable. If possible, look for a rehab facility that can take your health insurance.
  • Programs Offered- It's advisable to look for an addiction center that offers targeted treatment programs for adolescents.


If your teen abuses drugs, you need to get a good teen substance abuse clinic for them. Since teens have unique needs, take time and find a treatment center that specifically caters to an adolescent population.