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4 Advantages Of Seeking Couples Therapy For Substance Abuse And Codependency

Couples may encounter a variety of challenges that prompt them to seek therapy together. Sometimes there are circumstances that make it sensible to try to work towards salvaging a relationship. Couples may have children, assets, years of courting/marriage, or a deep love and affection for each other.

When there are issues such as substance abuse in a relationship, it can create unique circumstances. Sometimes one partner is the substance abuser, but it is possible for both to have the issue. They may or may not use the same substances, and that can create conflict or codependency issues. Individuals in relationships may independently seek treatment, counseling, and therapy. However, if they plan to maintain their relationship, it is worth considering couples therapy. The following points identify a few benefits of this option:

Tailored Solution for Conflict

Individuals can continue to get the resources that they need outside of couples therapy. All of the medical professionals responsible for their care can have access to how their treatment is progressing. The couple's therapy can be a shared portion of their recovery efforts.

Improve Communication

Sometimes individuals with addictive personalities find it difficult to communicate when they are sober. They might have gotten used to frequent arguments or points of isolation. Therapy sessions can aid in helping couples learn to cope through anxious moments. It can prepare them to be ready for hard conversations and to identify communication issues. Some couples might be living apart, and their therapy sessions can allow them time to have conversations with their partners in a safe environment. Good communication can aid in building or rebuilding trust. 

Understand New Issues

There are periods in sobriety when everything seems to be going well. This can create a false sense of security that life will be "happily ever after." When new issues arise, couples therapy prepares individuals to be able to identify and resolve problems with their partners. There are many issues that might have existed prior to treatment but were not addressed. These lingering problems and new problems can create stress. 

Create Relapse Prevention Strategies

Relapses happen often in recovery. When two individuals are in their own respective programs, they are usually working towards their own sobriety. Couples therapy will afford them the opportunity to face the realization that one of them could relapse or have stronger triggers than the other. They might also be able to identify the risks of relapse for both of them if one of them succumbs first. The therapist can help them identify their triggers and develop relapse prevention strategies. 

There are a variety of couples therapy sessions that are structured based on the needs of each couple. A therapist is a good resource to use to identify the best services and structure for you and your partner.