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3 Ways Somatic Therapy Helps Manage Anxiety

If you struggle to manage your anxiety, then therapy can help. However, traditional psychotherapy can take some time to work. If your anxiety is currently negatively impacting your life and well-being at the moment, then somatic therapy is worth a try. This therapy combines psychotherapy and physical therapy. It takes a body-centric approach that looks at how your mind and body are connected in relation to your problems. What are the benefits of giving somatic therapy a try?

1. Understand How Your Anxiety Affects You

If you have severe anxiety problems, then you probably have various physical symptoms to deal with when you feel anxious. For example, you might have panic attacks. Your chest might feel tight, and you might find it difficult to breathe.

During your somatic therapy sessions, your therapist uses traditional talk therapy techniques to discuss your problems. They then help you identify physical problems as they happen in sessions.

You gain a clear understanding of the physical effects anxiety has on your body. You will find out more about your anxiety triggers and patterns. This information is the first step toward managing your anxiety and reducing its effects on your body and mind.

2. Find Ways to Manage Your Anxiety

Anxiety attacks can be debilitating. Plus, they can intensify if you don't know how to cope with them. For example, if you start to feel anxious about something, then you might worry that you are going to have a full-blown panic attack. Your worry might then make this happen.

Your therapist can help you find coping mechanisms to deal with your anxiety symptoms in the short term. For example, they might teach you physical solutions such as breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques. They might talk to you about your triggers and how to manage them so that you avoid anxiety-producing situations.

These mechanisms won't eliminate your anxiety immediately; however, you learn how to control it. Anxiety symptoms often reduce if you are confident that you can manage your problems and prevent them from getting worse.

3. Learn Where Your Anxiety Comes From

Somatic therapy helps people with anxiety problems because it gives them a faster fix for their physical problems. However, this isn't the only benefit you'll get from this therapy.

As well as physical help, your therapist uses psychotherapy to look for the causes of your anxiety. This talk therapy element helps you understand why you get so anxious. Knowledge really is power here. Once you identify the causes of your anxiety, you can work to reduce or eliminate them.

To find out more about somatic therapy, contact a somatic therapist.